University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

MN Institute for Astrophysics Colloquium

Friday, October 20th 2017
Speaker: Nicholas Battaglia, Princeton University
Subject: Large-Scale Structure Information Encoded in the Cosmic Microwave Background
Refreshments to be served in the MIfA Interaction Area (Tate 285-11) following the colloquium.

A new window into the growth and evolution of large-scale structure has opened up with the recent measurements kinetic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ) effect. I will show how we can constrain the important baryonic process that govern galaxy formation through SZ measurements. Additionally, I will describe the prospects for future cosmic microwave background experiments to constrain fundamental physics from kinetic SZ observations and how to mitigate the modeling uncertainties associated with the baryonic processes that will limit these constraints.

Faculty Host: Shaul Hanany

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