University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

High Energy Theory Lunchtime Seminar

semester, 2019

Thursday, January 10th 2019
12:30 pm:
Faculty Host: Tony Gherghetta
Friday, January 25th 2019
12:30 pm:
There is no seminar this week
Friday, February 1st 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Asher Berlin (SLAC)
Subject: Thermal Relics Below an MeV
Friday, February 8th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Eric Braaten (Ohio State U.)
Subject: Axion Stars
Friday, February 15th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Andrew Long (U. Michigan)
Subject: Ultra-light dark photons from a network of cosmic strings
Friday, February 22nd 2019
12:30 pm:
High Energy Theory Lunchtime Seminar in Tate 110 (note location change for this week)
Speaker: Radu Roiban (Penn State)
Subject: Classical physics from quantum scattering amplitudes: high orders in the post-Minkowskian approximation for binary systems
Friday, March 1st 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Ken Van Tilburg (IAS/New York U.)
Subject: Halometry from Astrometry
Friday, March 8th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Jessica Turner (Fermilab)
Subject: Leptogenesis via a CP-violating Phase Transition
Friday, March 15th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Aleksey Cherman (U. Minnesota)
Subject: Comments on Higgs-confinement complementarity and phase transitions
Friday, March 22nd 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: SPRING BREAK -- No seminar
Friday, March 29th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Vitaly Vanchurin (U. Minnesota, Duluth)
Subject: A quantum-classical duality and emergent space-time
Friday, April 5th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Raymond Co (U. Michigan)
Subject: Non-Thermal Production of Bosonic Dark Matter
Friday, April 12th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Erich Poppitz (U. Toronto)
Subject: Higher symmetry ’t Hooft anomalies and domain walls
Friday, April 19th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Matt Reece (Harvard U.)
Subject: The Weak Gravity Conjecture and Photon Masses
Friday, April 26th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Grant Remmen (UC Berkeley)
Subject: Entropy Bounds on Effective Field Theory from Rotating Dyonic Black Holes
Friday, May 3rd 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Sergei Dubovsky (NYU)
Subject: Confining Strings and Infinite Statistics
Friday, May 10th 2019
12:30 pm:
There will be no seminar this week.
Friday, May 17th 2019
12:30 pm:
There will be no seminar this week.
Friday, September 6th 2019
12:30 pm:
Subject: There will be no seminar this week.
Friday, September 13th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: David Tennyson (Imperial College, London)
Subject: D=4 N=1 Compactifications via Generalised Geometry - Kahler Potential, Superpotential and Moduli
Friday, September 20th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Luca Delacretaz (U. Chicago)
Subject: Spontaneous symmetry breaking as a higher-form anomaly
Friday, September 27th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Csaba Csaki (Cornell U.)
Subject: Crunching away the CC problem
Friday, October 4th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Cristina Mondino, NYU
Subject: Constraining Dark Matter Substructures with Astrometric Weak Lensing
Faculty Host: Maxim Pospelov
Friday, October 11th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Hai-Bo Yu (UC Riverside)
Subject: Self-Interacting Dark Matter
Friday, October 18th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Edgar Shaghoulian (Cornell U.)
Subject: Quantum gravity in a finite box
Friday, October 25th 2019
Speaker: Ryan Janish (UC Berkeley)
Subject: Fundamental Physics with Supernovae and Superconductors
Friday, November 1st 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Junwu Huang, Perimeter Institute
Subject: A new Higgstory at the cosmological collider
Friday, November 8th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, New York University
Subject: Statistical inference of dark matter substructure with weak and strong gravitational lensing
Faculty Host: Maxim Pospelov
Friday, November 15th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Junichiro Kawamura (Ohio State U.)
Subject: Complete Vector-like Fourth Family and new U(1)′ for Muon Anomalies
Friday, November 22nd 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Matheus Hostert
Subject: Have we seen new physics in short-baseline neutrino experiments?
Friday, November 29th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Thanksgiving Break -- NO SEMINAR
Friday, December 6th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Sylvain Fichet (ICTP/SAIFR and Caltech)
Subject: The Warped Dark Sector
Friday, December 13th 2019
12:30 pm:
There will be no seminar this week.

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