University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

High Energy Theory Lunchtime Seminar

Spring Semester

Friday, January 22nd 2016
Speaker: No Seminar
Friday, January 29th 2016
Speaker: Robert Caldwell (Dartmouth)
Subject: Cosmic Polarization Rotation
Friday, February 5th 2016
Speaker: Adrian Escobar (UNAM)
Subject: Instanton calculus in quantum mechanics: quartic double-well and sine-Gordon potentials.
Friday, February 12th 2016
Speaker: Mohammad Hossein (Harvard)
Subject: Probing the Primordial Universe using Massive Fields
Friday, February 19th 2016
Speaker: Yuhsin Tsai (Maryland)
Subject: Exotic Signals in The Twin Higgs Model
Friday, February 26th 2016
Speaker: Tamar Friedmann (Rochester)
Friday, March 4th 2016
Speaker: No Seminar
Friday, March 11th 2016
Speaker: Yuri Bonder (ICN - UNAM)
Subject: Using effective field theory to test Lorentz invariance
Friday, March 18th 2016
Speaker: No Seminar (Spring Break)
Friday, March 25th 2016
Speaker: Matthew Schwartz, (Harvard)
Subject: Tunneling in Quantum Field Theory and the Fate of the Universe
Friday, April 1st 2016
Speaker: Kiel Howe (Fermilab)
Subject: Induced Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and the Composite (Twin) Higgs
Friday, April 8th 2016
Speaker: Yasha Shnir (LTP, JINR)
Subject: Gravitating solitons and hairy black holes
Friday, April 15th 2016
Speaker: Jeremy Mardon, (Stanford)
Subject: Feeling the Pulse of Dark Matter
Friday, April 22nd 2016
Speaker: Brian Henning (Yale)
Subject: Operator Bases and Effective Field Theories
Friday, April 29th 2016
Speaker: Sebastian Ellis (Michigan)
Subject: TBA
Friday, May 6th 2016
Speaker: Chris Hill (Fermilab)
Subject: Some aspects of Axion Electrodynamics

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