University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Quantum Materials Seminar

Monday, March 6th 2017
Speaker: Lior Kornblum, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Subject: When Functional Oxides Meet Semiconductors
Note: Change of date and time of seminar.

Perovskite oxides of transition metals offer scientists and engineers a theme park of exciting and often unexpected physics, with complex structure-property relations and a wide scope of useful phenomena. Advances in epitaxial growth techniques bring unprecedented possibilities of atomic engineering of these oxides and their interfaces, with exciting prospects of unravelling their underlying physics and harnessing it towards useful applications. However, fundamental material challenges inhibit the introduction of these materials onto semiconductors and thus into the microelectronics technology.

The potential of the oxides’ functionalities to evolve out of the labs and into technology has received a considerable boost with the pioneering of epitaxial growth approaches for perovskites directly on semiconductors. This combination opens a route to bridge between oxide functionalities and microelectronics. Moreover, interface engineering of oxides on semiconductors can lead to new functionalities, made possible by the coupling between the dissimilar materials.

The challenges and the opportunities of oxide-semiconductor integration will be demonstrated with two examples. First, results on integrating oxide interfaces that exhibit 2D electron gas (2DEG) with semiconductors will be presented, and their challenges and opportunities discussed. The second example will revolve around the integration of epitaxial oxides with semiconductors for renewable energy. The ability to synergistically combine the advantages of these two classes of materials, while mitigating their deficiencies, is put to the test in solar water splitting into hydrogen fuel. Detailed analysis of the device energetic structure highlights the advantages of this combination, and charts a clear route for improving the efficiencies using well-established semiconductor technology.

With these examples I hope to provide a glimpse into the prospects of combining functional oxides with semiconductors, and illustrate the promise of combining engineering and physics towards creating new devices and future technologies.

Faculty Host: Bharat Jalan

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