University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Condensed Matter Sack Lunch Seminar

Friday, November 17th 2017
12:20 pm:
Speaker: Sajna Hameed
Subject: Neutron Scattering Study of the Magnetic Phase Transition in Rare-Earth Titanates

The Mott-insulating rare-earth (R) titanates (RTiO3) are known to exhibit a ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic transition as the Ti-O-Ti bond angle increases in the GdFeO3-type distorted perovskite structure. Evidence for a similar transition at a critical doping xc~ 0.3 has been found in the solid-solution system Y1-xLaxTiO3. Although neutron scattering has been used to study the magnetic response of single crystals of the parent compounds YTiO3 and LaTiO3, such studies have not been reported for the solid solution. Here we report on our neutron scattering work on the magnetic order and excitations in doped system Y1-xLaxTiO3.

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