University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Condensed Matter Sack Lunch Seminar

Fall Semester

Friday, September 11th 2015
Speaker: Xiaowei Zhang, University of Minnesota
Subject: Giant Saturation Magnetization Material Fe16N2 and its Properties
Friday, September 18th 2015
Speaker: Han Fu, University of Minnesota
Subject: Collapse of electrons to a donor cluster in STO
Friday, September 25th 2015
Speaker: Yuting Wang, University of Minnesota
Subject: Entanglement entropy in Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model
Friday, October 2nd 2015
Speaker:  Ziran Wang, University of Minnesota
Subject: Enhanced GMR by Wave Vector Filtering
Friday, October 9th 2015
Speaker: Semere Tadesse, University of Minnesota
Subject: Surface acoustic wave induced optical transparency in photonic crystal cavity
Friday, October 16th 2015
Speaker: Qianhui Shi, University of Minnesota
Subject: Quantum Hall stripes in tilted magnetic fields
Friday, October 23rd 2015
Speaker: Boyi Yang, University of Minnesota
Subject: Ionic liquid gating Sr2IrO4 single crystal
Friday, October 30th 2015
Speaker: Justin Watts, University of Minnesota
Subject: Room Temperature Kondo-Suppressed Spin Accumulation in Cu Non-Local Spin Valves
Friday, November 13th 2015
Speaker: Brent Perreault, University of Minnesota
Subject: Semimetal Physics in Kitaev Spin Liquids
Friday, November 20th 2015
Speaker: Yangmu Li, University of Minnesota
Subject: Charge transport of cuprate superconductors: electron- vs. hole-doped
Friday, November 27th 2015
There will be no seminar this week.
Friday, December 4th 2015
Speaker: Tim Peterson, University of Minnesota
Subject: Electrical spin injection in ferromagnet/GaAs/AlGaAs 2DEG structures
Friday, December 11th 2015
Speaker: Taher Ghasimakbari, University of Minnesota
Subject: Simulations of Diblock Copolymers
Friday, December 18th 2015
There will be no seminar this week.

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