University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Condensed Matter Seminar

Spring Semester

Wednesday, January 20th 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Cui-Zu Chang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Subject: From Topological Insulators to Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect
Faculty Host: Martin Greven
Thursday, January 21st 2016
Speaker: Peter Orth, University of Minnesota
Subject: Emergent critical phase in the frustrated 2D Heisenberg Windmill Antiferromagnet
Wednesday, January 27th 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Liuyan Zhao, California Institute of Technology
Subject: Revealing Hidden Orders in Spin-Orbit Coupled Correlated Materials
Faculty Host: Martin Greven
Tuesday, February 2nd 2016
12:35 pm:
Speaker: Gábor B. Halász
Subject: Hole dynamics in exactly solvable gapped and gapless spin liquids
Faculty Host: Natalia Perkins
Thursday, February 11th 2016
11:15 am:
Speaker: Yongtao Cui, Stanford University
Subject: Visualizing Low Dimensional Electronic States in Complex Quantum Materials
Monday, February 15th 2016
Speaker: Ruihua He, Boston College
Subject: Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Study of Emergent Phenomena in Correlated Materials
Note: change of time for seminar.
Wednesday, February 17th 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: John Nichol, Harvard University
Subject: Quantum control and sensing with electron spins in semiconductors
Monday, February 22nd 2016
Speaker: Zhanybek Alpichshev, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Subject: Non-equilibrium dynamics of a frustrated Mott insulator
Wednesday, February 24th 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Eduardo H. da Silva Neto, The University of British Columbia
Subject: Universal Charge Order in the Cuprate High-Tc Superconductors
Tuesday, March 1st 2016
Speaker: Jack Hellerstedt, Monash University
Subject: Combined in situ thin film growth and characterization of topological materials
Note change of day, time and room from usual CM Seminar
Wednesday, March 2nd 2016
1:25 pm:
There will be no seminar this week.
Wednesday, March 9th 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Yuan Li, International Center for Quantum Materials, Peking University
Subject: Story of Electrons Told by Phonons
Thursday, March 10th 2016
Speaker:  Carsten Honerkamp (Institute for Theoretical Solid-State Physics, RWTH Aachen University)
Note date and time of special seminar
Faculty Host: Andrey Chubukov
Wednesday, March 16th 2016
1:25 pm:
There will be no seminar this week, spring break.
Wednesday, March 23rd 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Maxim Khodas, University of Iowa and Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Subject: Spin resonance in two-dimensional electron systems confined to narrow channels
Wednesday, March 30th 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Abhay Pasupathy, Columbia University
Subject: Electronic Nematicity in the Iron Pnictides
Wednesday, April 6th 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Alan I. Goldman, Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory
Subject: Magnetic rare-earth-based quasicrystals
Tuesday, April 12th 2016
3:00 pm:
Special Condensed Matter Seminar in 130 PAN (MNC Seminar Room)
Speaker: David Toyli, University of California, Berkeley
Subject: Resonance Fluorescence from an Artificial Atom in Squeezed Vacuum
Faculty Host: Paul Crowell
Wednesday, April 13th 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Daniel Agterberg, UW-Milwaukee
Subject: Spin 3/2 pairing in topological half-heusler superconductors
Faculty Host: Andrey Chubukov
Thursday, April 14th 2016
Speaker: Mikhail Baranov, ITP, University of Innsbruck
Subject: Majorana fermions in noisy Kitaev wires
Wednesday, April 20th 2016
1:25 pm:
There will be no seminar this week.
Wednesday, April 27th 2016
1:25 pm:
CM Seminar is cancelled this week. See Sack Lunch on Friday.
Wednesday, May 4th 2016
1:25 pm:
Subject: There will no seminar this week.
Wednesday, May 25th 2016
Speaker: Bekele H. Badada, University of Cincinnati
Subject: Probing Electronic Band Structure and Quantum Confined States in Single Semiconductor Nanowire Devices
Faculty Host: Vlad Pribiag

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