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MN Institute for Astrophysics Journal Club

Thursday, November 19th 2015
Speaker: Marc Kuchner, NASA Goddard
Subject: Disk Detective: Crowdsourced Discovery of Planetary Systems

Have you discovered a planetary system today? If not, don't worry. At, you can help scour the WISE data archive to find new planetary systems and candidate advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. Volunteers at this new citizen science website have already performed almost 1.5 million classifications of WISE sources, searching a catalog 8x the size of any previously published survey. Through a follow-up spectroscopic and imaging campaign in both hemispheres we are re-observing many user-classified Objects of Interest to further vet them for background contaminants and derive better spectral types. Come by to hear about our growing catalog of candidate debris disks, protoplanetary disks, and other interesting objects with 22 micron excess all around the sky--and some strange stories about doing science with 28,000 helpers.

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