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Introductory College Physics II

Homework 8 will be due April 17, not April 10
posted 5-Apr-2017 at 11:32PM by J. Woods Halley

I will try to post it by 4/10.

Midterms will be 2/9,3/9,4/13
modified 4-May-2017 at 4:04PM by J. Woods Halley

The syllabus, now corrected, had inconsistent dates for the midterms.
The correct dates are 2/9,3/9 and 4/13.
I apologize for the confusion.

Woods Halley

clickers for which we have no student identification
modified 4-May-2017 at 4:04PM by J. Woods Halley

We have received at least one clicker response from iclicker devices with the following numbers, which have
not been identified with student name and ID. If your clicker is on this list and you are registered for the course, please send me name, student ID and clicker number and I will try to correct the problem.

Woods Halley

Updated 5/4/17


Registered students with no clicker responses
modified 4-May-2017 at 3:59PM by J. Woods Halley

The following student IDs are those of students registered for the course from whom we are not receiving
clicker responses. If your ID is on this list and
your clicker device number is also on the preceding list
then we should be able to fix it if you send an email
as requested above. If your are on this list but
your clicker device number is not on the other list
then you may have decided not to use clickers (which
are optional for extra credit). If neither of the two
cases just described applies to you and you are on
this list, send me an email describing your situation
with regard to clicker use in as much detail as you

Woods Halley

updated 5/4/17


modified 19-Apr-2017 at 8:05PM by J. Woods Halley

Please open the pdf file to read the syllabus.
Current version (1/25/17) of the syllabus contains updates on
grade points required for letter grades, availability of TA's especially familiar with 1102 in the tutor room and the location of the final exam in May.

1102syllabusspring17.pdf | Download posted 19-Apr-2017 at 8:05PM

1st set of lecture slides
modified 22-Jan-2017 at 7:19PM by J. Woods Halley
lectureslidesfirstposting.ppt | Download posted 22-Jan-2017 at 7:19PM

2nd set of lecture slides
modified 27-Jan-2017 at 1:51PM by J. Woods Halley
chap2posting127.ppt | Download posted 27-Jan-2017 at 1:51PM

3rd set of lecture slides
modified 4-Feb-2017 at 1:48PM by J. Woods Halley
chapter3forposting2417.ppt | Download posted 4-Feb-2017 at 1:48PM

Review slides for test 1
modified 4-Feb-2017 at 2:40PM by J. Woods Halley
chap2summary.ppt | Download posted 4-Feb-2017 at 2:40PM

4th set of lecture slides
modified 5-Mar-2017 at 1:40PM by J. Woods Halley

Updated 2/22/17

4thlectureslideposting.ppt | Download posted 5-Mar-2017 at 1:40PM

5th set of lecture slides
modified 24-Mar-2017 at 12:43PM by J. Woods Halley

Updated 3/24/17 with a significant correction. Please download this file again when reviewing this material
and discard previous version.

5thlectureslideposting-1.ppt | Download posted 24-Mar-2017 at 12:19PM

6th set of lecture slides
modified 9-Mar-2017 at 12:20AM by J. Woods Halley

For lecture of 3/7/2017 only, by request.

6thsetoflectureslides.ppt | Download posted 9-Mar-2017 at 12:20AM

7th set of lecture slides
modified 23-Mar-2017 at 11:29PM by J. Woods Halley
7thsetoflectureslides.ppt | Download posted 23-Mar-2017 at 11:29PM

8th set of lecture slides
modified 3-Apr-2017 at 5:37PM by J. Woods Halley
chapter14.ppt | Download posted 3-Apr-2017 at 5:37PM

video on standing waves vs traveling waves
modified 3-Apr-2017 at 8:26PM by J. Woods Halley
16_PrelectureVideo02StandingWaves.mp4 | Download posted 3-Apr-2017 at 8:26PM

9th set of lecture slides
modified 9-Apr-2017 at 3:51PM by J. Woods Halley
chapter15posting49.ppt | Download posted 9-Apr-2017 at 3:51PM

10th set of lecture slides
modified 27-Apr-2017 at 4:44PM by J. Woods Halley
Chapter24.odp | Download posted 27-Apr-2017 at 4:44PM

11 th set of lecture slides
modified 27-Apr-2017 at 4:46PM by J. Woods Halley
chapter25.odp | Download posted 27-Apr-2017 at 4:46PM

12th set of lecture slides
modified 2-May-2017 at 10:16PM by J. Woods Halley
chapter28.ppt | Download posted 2-May-2017 at 10:16PM

review for final
modified 4-May-2017 at 7:38PM by J. Woods Halley
finalreview.ppt | Download posted 4-May-2017 at 7:38PM

Suggested problems from the book for final preparation
posted 5-May-2017 at 1:08PM by J. Woods Halley

Chapter 1(11): 11.62, 11.67
Chapter 2 (12) 12.39, 12.85
Chapter 3(13): 13.25, 13.26,13.29, 13.65
Chapter 10(20): 20.24,20.57,20.65,20.70
Chapter 11(21): 21.20,21.62
Chapter 12(22): 22.44,22.51, 22.66
Chapter 13(23): 23.55,23.58
Chapter 4(14): 14.44, 14.59
Chapter 5(15): 15.59, 15.62,15.67
Chapter 6 (16): 16.64
Chapter 15 (25): 25.58, 25.63
Chapter 18(28): 28.52, 28.68
Chapter 19(29): 29.66