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Frank R. Harder (B.S. 1972)

After graduation I joined the military at USAF working in electronic systems. More »

Roger Aagard (B.S. 1957, M.S. 1959)

My favorite memory is the balloon flights to get data for my Master's. I also remember enjoying Professors George Freier, Huity, E.P. Ney, A.O.C. Nier, and J.R. Winckler. More »

Jacqueline Aguilera (née Korent), (B.S. 1973, Advisor: S. Gasiorowicz)

My advisor was Professor Stephen Gasiorowicz. After graduation I worked at 3M Corporation. More »

Stan Brodshy (B.S. 1961)

I got my Ph.D. in 1969 under Donald Yennie, followed by a postdoc at Columbia, then Stanford. More »

Bob Akaki (B.S. 1973, Advisor: G. Freier)

My advisor was Professor George Freier. After graduation I worked at Northwestern Bell. More »

Donald Vierimaa (B.S. 1960)

After graduation I worked at North American Aviation. Now I am retired. My favorite course was Thermodynamics.

Donald W. Hillger (B.S. 1973)

After graduation I attended Colorado State University and received a M.S. and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science. More »

Earle Kyle (B.S. 1961)

I have fond memories of a bunch of us brainstorming in our American institute of Physics student chapter club room (when I was president) trying to create a block diagram of the human brain so we could design an artificial intelligence computer system (boy were we so naive trying to crack this tough nut) More »

Gary Bickel (Ph.D. 1974, Advisor: S.A. Collins)

My advisor was S.A. Collins. After graduation I worked at ITT Electric Optical Products Division. More »

Stuart F. Goldstein (B.A. 1962, Advisor: O. Schmidt)

My advisor was Otto Schmidt. After graduation, I got my Ph.D. in physics in 1968 at Caltech. More »

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