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Charles Reinert (B.S. 1961, Advisor: Ney, M.S. 1963 and Ph.D. 1969, Advisor: W.R. Weber)

I got my B.S. in Physics under Professor Ney, and my masters and Ph.D. under W.R. Webber. More »

Graham Gutsche (M.S. 1952, Advisor: J. Williams)

I got my B.S. at U of Colorado in 1950 and my masters in Nuclear Physics with Professor John Williams. I went on to do my Ph.D. in 1960 at Catholic University of America. More »

Stephen Snyder (B.S. 1969)

After graduation, I attended Harvard Law School. I’m now an attorney at Snyder & Brandt, P.A. More »

Kawovu C. Nomura (B.S. 1948, M.S. 1949, Ph.D. 1953, Advisor: E. L. Hill)

My Advisor for my masters and Ph. D was E.L Hill. After graduation, I worked at Honeywell and I became a writer after retiring in 1987. More »

David G. Madland (Ph.D. 1970, M.S. 1969, Advisor: Norton Hintz)

My advisor in Nuclear Physics was Professor Norton M. Hintz. After graduation, I did a postdoc at Indiana University. More »

Arthur F. Hayes (B.S. 1956, Advisor: M. Blair, M.S. 1960, Advisor: G. Freier)

Professor Morris Blair was my undergraduate advisor and Professor George Freier was my Masters advisor. I am happily retired at the First Presbyterian Homes in Lakeland, FL with my wife of 60 years, Jacqueline. More »

Ronald M. Krell (M.S. 1971)

After graduation, I worked at U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Keyport. More »

Morton K. Brussel (Ph.D. 1957 Advisor: J. H. Williams)

My advisor was J.H. Williams. Now I am a retired, Professor Emeritus. More »

John Christoffel (B.S. 1972)

Professor Allen Goldman was my B.S. advisor. I enjoyed many of the classes and mostly meeting new friends at school. More »

Sedley C. Davis (M.S. 1967, B.S. 1957, Advisor: E. P. Ney)

My advisor was Professor Edward P. Ney. More »

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