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Grant Remmen (B.S. Physics)

My favorite memories are the fun I had doing undergraduate research and getting to know the fantastic faculty, in both the Physics and Astronomy departments at the U of M. More »

Mike Sullivan (B.S. Physics)

(I was accepted into the M.S. Meteorology program at UW - Madison and Iowa State but declined to stay at current job position). I am an Application Developer. More »

Luis Hernandez (Ph.D. Physics, Advisor: Goldman)

I have been married for ten years and I have four daughters. More »

Steven (Susan) Dorsher (M.Sc. Physics)

I moved to Louisiana three weeks ago. I am getting involved in the board gaming community, the Unitarian Church, and the GLBT community. More »

William A. Bardeen (Ph.D. 1968, Advisor: S. Gasiorowicz)

My advisor was Professor Stephen Gasiorowicz. I received my Ph.D. in 1968 and then I was a postdoc at SUNY – Stony Brook, and at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. More »

Alan Kiecker (B.S. 1968)

I did an undergraduate experiment on second sound in low temperature physics lab at the School. More »

Horst L Truestedt (B.S. 1968)

I got my B.S. in 1968 and my advisor was Dr. Poppe. More »

Rufino H. Ibarra (B.S. 1963, Ph.D. 1969, Advisor: B. Bayman)

My Ph.D. advisor was Professor Ben F. Bayman. More »

James Kish (B.S. 1969 Advisor: William R. Webber)

I've had an interesting career in astro-physics at the U of Minnesota and the U of New Hampshire. More »

Clark Johnson (B.S. 1950, Advisor: A.O. C. Nier)

Professor A.O.C. Nier was my advisor. I got my M.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1961. I worked after graduation for my B.S. at 3M Corporation. More »

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