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William D. Miller (B.S., Physics, 1959)

He worked for thirty years for Unisys. More »

Gerald A. Pattison (B.S., Physics, 1959; M.S., E.E.,1967)

I have been married twice resulting in five children and four grandchildren to date. More »

Chad C. Geppert (B.S., Physics and Chemistry, 2005)

I married Grace Liao in Taiwan in 2006. More »

Aron J. Cooper (BS, Astrophysics, 2003)

I am working for Marshall Wace, an international hedge fund, as a quantitative analyst and portfolio manager. More »

Neyda M. Abreu (B.S., Physics, 2000)

Andrew D. Ferstl (Ph.D, Physics, 2000)

I am currently an Associate Professor in the Physics Department at Winona State University. More »

Rupak K. Mahapatra (Ph.D., Physics, 2000)

I am now a faculty member in the Department of Physics at
Texas A&M University. More »

Aaron M. McGowan (Ph.D., Physics, 2000)

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Saint John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. More »

Laura E. McCullough (M.S., Physics, 1997)

I am a tenured associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. More »

Thomas E. Wald (BS, Physics, 1997)

I am currently pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a minor in German at University of Texas at Austin. More »

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