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Robert D. Furber (Ph.D., Physics, 1976)

I left the campus in the 1970’s and was last there for a brief visit almost eleven years ago. More »

Joan Marie Verba (B. Physics, 1975)

I am currently a professional novelist and publisher with a new novel
coming out in June 2008, A Countdown to Action! that is an officially licensed Thunderbirds novel. More »

Robert D. Gehrz (Ph.D., Physics, 1971; B.A., Physics, 1967)

I am currently a Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Chairman
of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Minnesota. More »

Stephen Lindfors (B.s., Physics, 1971; M.S. Comp. & Info. Sci, 1976)

My APL interpreter, a four-year project, was written in Visual Basic .Net and processes all the standard APL operators. More »

Horst L. Truestedt (B., Physics, 1968)

I did research in Physics while working at 3M (while still attending IT). More »

James F. Walker, Jr. (Ph.D., Physics, 1964; M.S., Physics, 1961; B.S., Physics, 1959)

I married my wife Elaine in 1959. More »

Charles D. Kavalovski (Ph.D., Physics, 1963; M.S., Physics, 1959; B.S., Physics/Math, 1957)

I am married with four children. I am semi-retired. More »

Earle Kyle (B. Physics, 1961)

I am going into my seventh year as a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador More »

George A. Champine (M.S., Physics, 1959; B.S., Physics, 1956; Ph.D., Business Administration, 1975)

I volunteer at the Harvard Astronomy Department scanning 500 astronomy plates from 30 telescopes to put on the internet. More »

Raymond J. Kirk (B.S., Physics, 1959; M.S., Electrical Engineering, 1961)

I spent 28 years with Honeywell Systems and Research
Center in Minneapolis working on design and development of avionic
systems, space systems, and weapon systems. More »

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