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George C. Francis (M.S., Physics, 1949)

I lived in Maryland most of my years after college. More »

Kay Winger Blair (M.S., Physics, 1948; Ph.D., Math, 1959)

I was married to J. Morris Blair, a long time member of the Physics faculty, until his death in 1996. More »

Gary H. Zeman (M.S., Physics, 1969)

My education was interrupted by the draft for the Vietnam War. More »

Horst L Truestedt (M.S., Physics, 1968; B. Physics, 1968)

I graduated in Physics from the University of Minnesota in 1968 after studying for eight years while working most of the time at 3M Corp. More »

Daryl R. Tweeton (M.S., Physics, 1968; Ph.D., Physics, 1972)

I have been married to my wife Jacqueline for 40 years. More »

Carlos Avery (Ph.D., Physics, 1967; M.S. Physics, 1965; B.S., Physics, 1960)

I began one of the best ten years of my life at the
University of Minnesota in 1956. More »

Harold H. Burrows (M.S., Physics, 1967)

I am married with three children and five grandchildren. More »

Brendan B. Godfrey (B.S., Physics, 1967)

I am a member of the Senior Executive Service, and Director,
Air Force Office of Scientific Research in Arlington, VA. More »

Steven C. Gustafson (B.S., Physics, 1967)

I went to graduate school at Duke University receiving a Ph.D. in physics in 1974 with a dissertation in the microwave spectroscopy area. More »

Frank T. Mabley (B.S., Physics, 1967)

I married my college sweetheart and we have two daughters. More »

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