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Paul E. Madsen (M.S., Physics, 1972)

This past summer was my 24th summer at Fermilab. More »

Rod A. Britten (Ph.D., Physics, 1971)

I am retired. I spent most of my professional life working More »

Charles P. Reinert (Ph.D., Physics, 1969; MS, Physics, 1963; B.S., Physics, 1961)

I am married to Lois. We have four children and five grandchildren. More »

Alan W. Kiecker (B.S., Physics, 1968)

I have worked as a Software Engineer at Unisys Corporation for 33 years. More »

Carlos P. Avery (Ph.D., Physics, 1967; M.S., Physics, 1965; B.S., Physics, 1960)

After spending an enjoyable decade plus of my life at the University of Minnesota, I began my 40+-year career with “The Company” in 1967 as an intelligence analyst, working on Soviet science, technology, and strategic defense weapons (and the counterpart to our SDI) for about 25 years. More »

Stanley J. Brodsky (Ph.D., Physics, 1964; B.S., Physics, 1961)

I am a Professor at SLAC, Stanford University. More »

Earle F. Kyle, Jr. (B.S., Physics, 1961)

I am in my fifth year as a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador working with school systems to inspire the next generation of space explorers and helping to develop the local economy using space program spin-off technologies. More »

Richard O. Rue (B.S., Physics, 1961)

After graduation, I moved on to the College of Education for a B.S. in 1962. More »

George Champine (M.S., Physics, 1959; B.S., Physics, 1956)

I am involved in an exciting project with the Harvard Astronomy Department to build the world’s fastest digitizer for astronomy negatives. More »

Kawora Carl Nomura (M.S., Physics 1949; B.S., Physics 1948; Ph.D., Electrical Engineering 1953)

I have four children and eight grandchildren. More »

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