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Jim Povlis (Ph.D. 1984, Advisor: K. Heller)

My Ph.D. is in Experimental High Energy Physics, under advisor Professor Ken Heller. More »

Charles E. Jahren (M.S. 1946, Advisor: J.W. Buchta)

My advisor was J. W. Buchta. My experience at the School was extremely interesting and satisfying. More »

Mark C. Williams (Ph.D., Physics, 1998)

I am currently a Professor in the Physics Department at Northeastern University in Boston. I was elected a 2012 Fellow of the American Physical Society. My citation reads “for his original contributions to the development of the single molecule biophysics. In particular, for his use of quantitative models to describe the interactions of single DNA molecules with biologically important proteins and DNA binding ligands.” More information about my research can be found on my research group web page. More »

Donald E. Young (Ph.D., Physics, 1959; M.S., Physics/Math, 1951)

I have been married for 60 years to my wife Billie. More »

Diane (Young) McAllister (B.S., Physics, 1958)

I have been married to Jerry R. McAllister (B.A., 1957) for 50 years. More »

Morton K. Brussel (Ph.D., Physics, 1957)

I retired from the University of Illinois in 1995 as a professor of physics. More »

Walter H. Johnson (Ph.D., Physics, 1956; M.S., Physics, 1952; B.A., Physics, 1950)

My wife and I had our 50th wedding anniversary in June. More »

Richard E. Malenfant (B.S., Physics, 1956)

My wife Darlene and I have four children and eight grandchildren. More »

Theodore T. Scolman (Ph.D., Physics, 1956)

I married my wife Edith in 1955. We have two children. More »

Nahmin Horwitz (Ph.D., Physics, 1955; M.S., Physics, 1951)

I entered the department in fall 1950 after getting B.S. degree at Western Reserve. More »

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