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Allen Olson (B.S 1976)

After graduation I worked in movie sales. Now I am the Master of Properties of the Texas Ballet Theatre. More »

Larry M. Peterson (B.S. 1966)

After graduation I went to Penn. State University. I am now a research physicist in Ann Arbor, MI. More »

Louis Allen Rose (Ph.D. 1977, Advisor: E. Ney)

My wife, Emmanelle, and I have been married for 47 years. More »

Robert A. Breun (B.S. 1967)

After graduation I went to Physics Department at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. More »

Hardayal S. Gill (Ph.D. 1978, Advisor: W. V. Weyhmann)

My Ph.D. is in Physics/Electrical Engineering and my advisor was Professor W. V. Weyhmann. After graduating I worked at National Semiconductor Corporation. More »

Steve Gustafson (B.S. 1967)

After graduation I did the physics grad program at Duke University. More »

Tom Christensen (B.S. 1979)

My advisor in physics/astrophysics was Gasiorowicz. After graduation, I went to the Ph.D. program at Cornell University. More »

Frank T. Mabley (B.S. 1967)

I found my circle of friends at the U of M in the Minnesota Rovers, a U of M organization. More »

Thierry Copie (B.S. 1980)

My advisor was Professor Ken Heller. I am a Senior Member of Tech Staff at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. More »

George Ross Alexander (B.S. 1968)

My favorite memories from my undergraduate career at the University come from my position as the Vice President of the student YMCA/YWCA club. More »

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