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Class Notes

Rodney Olson (B.S., Astrophysics)

Astrophysics B.S. I am still friends with a number of classmates (Brooks Rownd and Bill Ketzeback). I spent a lot of great days and nights at O’Brien and Mt. Lemmon. More »

Martha Anderson (Ph.D., Astrophysics, Advisor: L. Rudnick)

Ph.D. in Astrophysics under Professor Larry Rudnick. Then I did a postdoc at UW Madison in the Soil Science Department. More »

Brooks Rownd (B.S. Astrophysics)

Advisor: Dickey. Majored in astrophysics. More »

Usman Suriono (B.S. 1993)

Advisors: Professors Ben Bayman and Earl Peterson. M.S. Electrical Engineering in 1995, and 1999 Ph.D. Physics Dr. Polla. More »

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