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Class Notes

Richard D. Platte (B.S., Physics, 1962)

I've finally retired to Myrtle Beach, S.C. after 51 years of full time national security work, mostly in intelligence. More »

Stuart F. Goldstein (B.A. 1962, Advisor: O. Schmidt)

My advisor was Otto Schmidt. After graduation, I got my Ph.D. in physics in 1968 at Caltech. More »

Roger I. Johnson (B.S. 1962, Advisor: J. Winckler)

Among my favorite memories: arranging speakers for our AIP Student Section monthly meetings from among UM physicists; working with excellent lab equipment to make measurements of all kinds; working on John Winckler's projects searching for cosmic rays. More »

Richard E. Pontinen, Ph.D. 1962

I got my Ph.D. in Low Temperature Physics with advisor T.M. Sanders. I have been at Hamline University as a Professor for 32 years, and department chair for 22 years. More »

Tung H. Jeong (Ph.D, Physics, 1962)

My wife Anna and I have three children and two grandchildren. From 1963-66 I worked in the summer at Oak Ridge National Laboratories. More »

Roger I. Johnson (B.S., Physics, 1962)

I have been married to my wife Vicki for 45 years. More »

David C. Look (M.S., Physics, 1962, B.S., Physics, 1960)

I have been married for 40 years to my wife Rita. More »

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