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2009 Nicholas Howell

Nicholas Howell won the Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship in Physics.


2009 David Stark

David stark won the Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship in Physics.


2009 Daniel Brinkman

Daniel Brinkman won the Outstanding T.A. Award. He is originally from Naperville, Illinois. He is currently interested in mathematical physics, especially in the areas of advanced quantum theories and particles.

Vanessa Cheesbrough

2009 Vanessa Cheesbrough

Vanessa Cheesbrough won the Hagstrum Award in Physics. She is originally from Brookings, South Dakota and will be using the award to help defray moving costs this fall. She'll be starting a PhD program at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Her research is primarily focusing on developing astronomical instrumentation, but also hope to incorporate some observations as well (perhaps extrasolar planet detection).


2009 Molly Krogstad

Molly Krogstad won the A.O.C. Nier Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics. Molly is a student in condensed matter physics and atomic, molecular, and optical physics. This summer she will be participating in a physics REU at the University of Colorado at Boulder, doing research on ultracold molecules. She plans to use the award money to cover the cost of tuition. She is originally from Maple Grove, Minnesota.


2009 Christopher Geach

Christopher Geach won the Harry & Viola St.Cyr Scholarship in Physics. Christopher is a a student in theoretical and particle physics. He plans to use the award money to continue his research in Professor Hanany's lab over the summer. He will also use the money to defray the cost of studying abroad next fall. He is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota.


2009 Grant Remmen

Grant Remmen received the Jeffrey Basford Scholarship in Physics. He plans to use the award to further his academic goals of attaining a triple major in Astrophysics, Physics, and Mathematics. Grant plans to attend graduate school, earning a Ph.D. Grant's research interests include dark matter, theoretical physics, and astronomy. In 2009, Grant researched the dark matter distribution of the Milky Way and the Galaxy's neutrino content. He is originally from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.


2009 Jack Hellerstedt

Jack Hellerstedt won the Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship in Physics. Jack is a student in Professor Goldman's group, fabricating samples used to electrostatically tune through the superconductor insulator transition. The award will go toward his last year of school here at the University of Minnesota. He is from St. Paul, Minnesota where he went to St. Paul Central High School.


2009 Nathan Mirman

Nathan Mirman won the Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship in Physics. Nathan is a student in particle physics, and plans to pursue it professionally. He is working for Professor Mans on the CMS detector at CERN. The award will allow him to focus on classes and research during my senior year. He is originally from Edina, Minnesota.


2009 Can Zhang

Can Zhang won the Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship in Physics. Can is a student currently working with Professor C.C. Huang on liquid crystals. He plans to use the award money for non-resident tuition. He is originally from Wuhan, China.

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