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Student Award

Nadezda Monina

2008 Nadezda Monina

Nadezda Monina won the Outstanding T.A. Award. She is a student in biological physics. She plans to use her award to help pay for books. She is originally from Moscow, Russia.

David Christle

2008 David Christle

David Christle won the Outstanding T.A. Award. He is studying experimental condensed matter physics, specifically semiconductor and patterned media experiments. The award will cover his tuition costs for next year. He is originally from St. Cloud, MN

Shivaraj Kandhasamy

2008 Shivaraj Kandhasamy

Shivaraj Kandhasamyis won the Hoff Lu Fellowship. He is interested in the search for gravitational waves using the LIGO experiment and plans to use his fellowship as summer research support. He is originally from India.


2008 Vanessa Cheesbrough

Vanessa Cheesbrough won the Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. She will be a senior working in Shaul Hanany's observational cosmology laboratory. She is interested in pursuing either observational cosmology or astronomy in graduate school. She plans to use the tuition to help her take extra classes and allow her to stay working in Hanany's Lab. She is originally from Brookings, SD.


2008 Nathan Mirman

Nathan Mirman won the A.O.C. Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics. He is a student in high energy physics working with Professor Mans on aspects of the trigger system in the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) detector at CERN. Nathan is originally from Minneapolis and plans to continue in high energy physics professionally.

Adam Pieterick

2008 Adam Pieterick

Adam Pieterick won the J. Morris Blair Scholarship. He is student focused on solid state physics and will be working this summer on liquid crystals. Adam plans to apply his award money toward next year's tuition. He is originally from Altoona, Wisconsin.

Martha Boyer

2008 Martha Boyer

Martha Boyer won the Aneesur Rahman Award. She is a student in observational astrophysics originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. She is currently studying how evolved stars with low metal-contents in those galaxies are able to form dust and expel that dust to the interstellar medium of the galaxies. She may use her award money to visit the Magellan Telescopes in Chile this summer and to attend conferences in Germany and England.

Can Zhang

2008 Can Zhang

Can Zhang won the Jeffrey Basford Award. He is pursuing his undergraduate degree with hopes to study experimental physics in graduate school. He is originally from China and will use the scholarship to help cover the cost of non-resident tuition.

Masaya Nishioka

2008 Masaya Nishioka

Masaya Nishioka wont the Aneesur Rahman Award. He is a student in experimental condensed matter physics. Masaya is studying the transport properties on carbon-based devices, especially organic field effect transistors and graphene spin valves. He plans to use the award to help with expenses after graduation. He is originally from Japan.

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