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Bob Pepin and Jolene Johnson

2007 Jolene L. Johnson

Johnson works in Professor Jochen Mueller's Biological Physics laboratory. Her research specialty is designing and building microfluidic devices. The work combines flourescence with spectroscopy. Eventually the group plans to use the samples to study how HIV assembles.

2007 Yeonbae Lee

Yeonbae Lee won the Hagstrum Award. Yeonbae is a teaching assistant at the School of Physics and Astrnomy.


2007 Elizabeth A. Barnes

Elizath Barnes' research interests are in atmospheric dynamics and climate modeling. She is currently doing research in the UK with the Dept. of Meteorology at the University of Reading. She will begin graduate school with the Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences at the U of Washington in the fall. Elizabeth is originally from Hugo, Minnesota

2007 Bradley M. Froehle

Froehle's research interests is in condensed matter experiment. He worked with Prof. Dahlberg. He'll be using the money to help fund his graduate studies (in Mathematics) at the University of California - Berkeley.

2007 Vanessa Cheesbrough

Vanessa Cheesbrough was the 2007 recipient of the St. Cyr Scholarship. She is still undecided on a focus for her research, but would prefer to pursue experimental physics. She has been been interested in galactic structure and evolution, but her work in Professor Shaul Hanany's observational cosmology lab has sparked her interest in this area as well. Cheesbrough is originally from Brookings, South Dakota.

David Christle

2007 David J. Christle

David's research interests are spin dynamics, artificial spin ice, geometrically frustrated systems, micromagnetics, and exchange-bias. He plans to use his physics degree to attend graduate school in pursuit of a doctoral degree in condensed matter physics. He is originally from St. Cloud, Minnesota.


2007 Malgorzata Siorek

Margo's research interests include crystallography, particularly the binding of Congo Red with lysozyme and human insulin. She plans to use her degree to pursue either a Masters or Ph.D. She is originally from Wroclaw, Poland.


2007 Ashley L. Nord

Ashley's research interests at this point are still very broad. She is interested in astrophysics and elementary particle physics. She will be spending the summer of 2007 at the Institute for Astrophysics in Hawaii studying the physics of star formation and evolution. Ashley plans to use her degree to attend graduate school in physics. She is orginally from Rapid City, South Dakota.

Craig Muckenhirn

2007 Craig J. Muckenhirn

Craig is still undecided about field of physics in which he would utlimately like to work. He plans to use his degree to pursue a Masters and Ph.D. in physics. He hopes to one day become a professor of physics. Criag is originally from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

David Toyli and Kay Blair

2007 David Toyli

David Toyli was the recipient of the 2007 Blair Scholarship. David is currently working in Professor Paul Crowell's Spintronics laboratory. He plans to continue doing research in Semiconductor Spintronics, but is undecided what he will do with this degree after graduation. David is originally from Plymouth, Minnesota.

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