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Peter Grul

Grul wins 2017 Outstanding T.A. Award

Peter Grul won a 2017 Outstanding T.A. Award. Grul was born in New Jersey, grew up in California and Pennsylvania, moving around a lot as a kid. When asked what he would do with the award, Grul said, "If I'm smart, I'll put it into savings, but I'm already searching craigslist for new wheels for my car." Grul's area of research is computational plasma space physics.

D'ann Barker

Barker wins 2017 Lu Fellowship

D'ann Barker won the 2017 Hoff Lu Fellowship. Barker completed his undergrad and masters in South Dakota, but we moved around a bit while I was growing up. Barker plans to use her fellowship to continue working on her research. "I feel very honored to have received this fellowship and would like to make a lot of progress during the summer months," she said. Barker works with Professor Prisca Cushman on SuperCDMS which is a direct detection dark matter experiment. Specifically, she works on the CDMSlite data from SuperCDMS as well as low energy background mode.

Hall wins 2017 Franklin Scholarship

Dakota Hall won a 2017 Edmund G. Franklin Scholarship. Hall is originally from Walker, Minnesota. He plans to use the award money to help with tuition and rent. Hall research focuses primarily on astrophysics, looking for patterns in the composition of elements within stars.

Brenda Knauber

Knauber wins Outstanding T.A. Award

Brenda Knauber won a 2017 Outstanding T.A. Award. Knauber is from Coon Rapids, MN. She plans on using the award money to pay back undergrad student loans. Her research is in experimental condensed matter, studying amorphous silicon with Professor Jim Kakalios.

Ryan Quinn

Quin wins 2017 Oswald Scholarship

Ryan Quinn won the 2017 Oswald Scholarship. He is from Arlington Heights, Illinois. He went to high school at Rolling Meadows High School. He plans to use the money to partially cover a ticket to CERN so that he can help get the group's current setup commissioned. His research is writing software for the prototype HGCAL detectors that are being constructed for the CMS experiment at CERN. His focus is on high energy physics.

Ryan Vogt

Vogt wins 2017 Basford Scholarship

Ryan Vogt won the 2017 Jeffrey Basford Scholarship. He is originally from Mukilteo, WA, which is located about 40 minutes north of Seattle. He came to the University of Minnesota because of its strong math and physics programs, the impressive Honors Program, and the truly personalized and friendly experience he had when being recruited to consider the U. More »

Zachary Robinson

Robinson wins 2017 Pepin Fellowship

Zachary Robinson won the 2016 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship. Robinson is originally from Flower Mound, Texas, a suburb of Dallas - Fort Worth. He plans to use the award to support his summer research. Robinson works in condensed matter experiment, under Uwe Kortshagen in the Mechanical Engineering Dept. Specifically, he studies charge and energy transport through nanocrystal films.

Molly Andersen

Andersen wins 2017 Hagstrum Award

Molly Andersen won the 2017 Hagstrum Award. Andersen is from Mendota Heights, MN. She plans to put the award money towards tuition on her final (part-time) semester before she graduates in December. She works in Professor Laura Gagliardi's computational chemistry lab on identifying promising solar cell materials.

Lance Davis wins 2017 Edmond Franklin Scholarship

Lance Davis won the 2017 Edmund Franklin Scholarship. He is originally from Zimmerman, Minnesota. With this scholarship, he will be able spend more hours on academic and research work rather than other jobs.
His current research focus is in Heliophysics. Davis is working on finding the differences between interplanetary shocks with a clear shock ramp and those with a turbulent shock ramp. Ideally, these differences will lead the scientists to finding what causes these different types of shocks.

Argha Banerjee

Bannerjee wins 2017 Outstanding T.A. Award

Argha Banerjee won a 2017 Outstanding T.A. Award. Banerjee is originally from Calcutta, India. With the award money, he plans on "buying some good books on theoretical physics which I have always wanted to buy and some quirky ones like Gamow's 'Mr Tompkins in Wonderland'." He is mostly interested in theoretical early universe cosmology such as the physics of inflation and in physics beyond the standard model such as Supersymmetry.

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