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2010 Mun Chan

Mun Chan won the Aneesur Rahman Award. Originally from Malaysia, his main research interest as a graduate student centered on understanding electron spin dynamics and transport in ferromagnet-semiconductor devices. He is also interested in the effects of the hyperfine interaction on the electron spins. Currently, Mun is studying magnetic excitations in high temperature superconductors using neutron scattering. He plans to use his award for more computing power.


2010 Matt Parker

Matt Parker won the Anatoly Larkin Fellowship.


2010 Nathan Mirman

Nathan Mirman won the Hagstrum Award. Originally from Edina, Minnesota, Nathan is interested in high energy physics and has worked with Professor Mans at the CMS group. He plans to use his award to help fund his graduate studies at Cornell.


2010 Grant Remmen

Grant Remmen won the 2010 A.O.C. Nier Scholarship in Physics. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in astrophysics. In 2010, Grant researched black hole distortion caused by motion relative to the cosmic microwave background, under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Gehrz. In 2009, Grant developed a new assessment of the dark matter distribution of the Milky Way Galaxy, under the mentorship of Dr. Thomas Walsh. He is originally from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.


2010 Bjorn Berntson

Bjorn Berntson won the J. Morris Blair Scholarship in Physics. He is originally from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Bjorn's main research is in the Halley group involving mathematical and computational modeling of condensed matter systems. Bjorn plans to use the scholarship money toward tuition for the final year.


2010 Zijun Chen

Zijun Chen won the J. Morris Blair scholarship in Physics. He is originally from Guangzhou, China. His main interest in research is Condensed Matter Physics. He plans to use his scholarship funds toward living expenses and tuition for the next two years.


2010 Simon Gebrehiwet

Simon Gebrehiwet won the Erwin Marquit and Doris Grieser Marquit Undergraduate Scholarship. Originally from St.Paul, his main interests are quantum mechanics, SUSY, and string theory. He enjoys learning the ideas and work that has been done in these fields. He also appreciates what the scientists before have done and is happy that he has the chance to learn in this vast sea of physics.


2010 Brian Moths

Brian Moths won the Hagstrum Award in Physics. He is originally from New Berlin, Wisconsin, and his research interest is theoretical condensed matter physics. He also plans to use the scholarship money to buy books for graduate school.

Andrew Altobell

2010 Andrew Altobell

Andrew Altobell won the Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship in Physics. Originally from Virginia, Minnesota (on the iron range), Andrew would eventually like to focus just on theory. He will use his scholarship money toward his fall 2010 tuition.

Brian Benton

2010 Brian Benton

Brian Benton won the Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship in Physics. Originally from Maple Grove, Minnesota, Brian's main research interest is in nanotechnology and spintronics. He plans to use the scholarship money to pay for his tuition so he doesn't have to take a job during the semester and can focus on his UROP project and honors thesis.

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