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Kalafut,Sean_TA Award_2014.JPG

2014 Sean Kalafut

Sean won an Outstanding T.A. Award. He and his advisor, Professor Roger Rusack, work on the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector, which studies collisions between two beams of protons in the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. They focus on the improvement and maintenance of the electromagnetic portion of the CMS detector, and the search for right-handed W bosons and heavy neutrinos that may be produced in high energy proton-proton collisions. Sean will save half of his award for retirement and the other half for a university gym membership. Sean is originally from the southeastern US.


2014 Tobias Gulden

Tobias won the Robert O. Pepin Fellowship. He works on condensed matter theory with his advisor, Alex Kamenev. His research project involves single-molecule magnets, which are large molecules with a big net spin and magnetic moment. They are especially interested in treating the splitting between two degenerate ground states via semiclassical methods. Tobias will use the award to fund summer research. He is originally from Feuchtwangen, a small town in the state of Bavaria in Germany, and he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Regensburg.


2014 Staci Tiedeken

Staci won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. She conducts her research with Professor Lucy Fortson, using data from the Galaxy Zoo project to analyze three-armed spiral galaxies. Staci will use her award to help pay for the cost of next year's tuition. She is originally from Faribault, MN.


2014 Alexander Engel

Alexander won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. His advisor is Professor Eric Ganz. Alexander will use the award to help cover the cost of tuition. He is originally from Cicle Pines, a suburb just north of Minneapolis.

Duran,Henry & donor_Marquit_2014.JPG

2014 Henry Duran

Henry won the Marquit-Grieser Scholarship. He is interested in particle physics research and his advisor is Professor Greg Palowski. He will use his scholarship to help cover the cost of tuition. Henry was born in Frankfurt, Germany.


2014 Ben Ihde

Ben won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He worked with Professor Shaul Hanany's research group, which studies B-mode radiation in the Cosmic Microwave Background. The scholarship will support his last two semesters of undergraduate study at the University of Minnesota. Ben is originally from Whitefish Bay, WI.


2014 Timothy Gburek

Timothy won the Jeffrey Basford Scholarship. He works with Professor Gehrz on the Spitzer Infrared Intensive Transients Survey (SPIRITS), a project that uses the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope to obtain multi-epoch infrared images of over 150 galaxies in search of explosive transients and eruptive variables. Timothy performs data reduction of supplemental infrared imaging data taken at the UMN's Mt. Lemmon Observing Facility (MLOF). These images give additional data at wavelengths not seen by Spitzer. Timothy will use his award to help pay tuition. He is originally from Oswego, IL.


2014 Isaiah Gray

Isaiah won the Hagstrum Award. His advisor is Professor Dan Dahlberg and they work in microscopic magnetic dynamics. For Isaiah's senior thesis, he measured the frequency dependence of AC magnetic susceptibility of permalloy thin films. He will use the monetary part of the award to help fund a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters and to help his move to Ithaca, NY. Isaiah is originally from Roseville, MN.


2014 Jared Matzke

Jared won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He works with Professor David Thomas in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics. They use site-directed fluorescent probes to investigate the structure of myosin, a motor protein essential for many cellular and physiological phenomena such as muscle contraction, cellular motility, and cell division. Jared will use the award to fund summer coursework. He is originally from Woodbury, Minnesota.


2014 Quynh Nguyen

Quynh won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship, which he will aid him with tuition. Originally from Vietnam, he now works with Prof. Jeremy Mans on Rapid calibration for the Forward Calorimeters of the LHC’s CMS detector at 13TeV, in preparation for the LHC's new runs after its upgrade in 2015. This summer he will intern at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, working on simulation code to model neutrino beam target and devices in NuMI and LBNE lines under Dr. Alberto Marchionni, and will also attend the U.S Particle Accelerator School for training in beam physics and accelerator technology.

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