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Student Award

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Fu receives 2019 Goldman Fellowship

Xiaojun Fu received the 2019 Professor Allen M. Goldman Fellowship. Xiaojun is originally from Tianjin, China. He plans to use the money to support my summer research. His research is in quantum transport in 2D systems.

Jessie Duncan

Duncan receives 2019 Burlaga Fellowship

Jessie Duncan received the 2019 Leonard F. Burlaga/Arctowski Medal Fellowship. Duncan is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. With the support of the Burlaga fellowship, she will spend this summer continuing her analysis of data from an observation of the sun by the NuSTAR telescope. She works on both data analysis and detector development for high energy x-ray observation of the sun.

Aaron West

West receives 2019 Burlaga Fellowship

Aaron West received the 2019 Leonard F. Burlaga/Arctowski Medal Fellowship. He grew up in Edmonds, WA and has a B.S. in Comprehensive Physics from the Univ. of WA. The Fellowship will support his research for summer 2019, establishing a model for plasma waves in Earth's magnetosphere. His research focuses on the intricacies of wave propagation and interaction with other waves, particles, and the earth's atmosphere. The goal is to refine predictive technologies to make space travel safer and help ground-based facilities withstand magnetic fluctuations caused by solar activity.

Hanteng Wang

Wang receives 2019 Larkin Fellowship

Hanteng Wang received the 2019 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship.

Shaffer receives 2019 Rahman Award

Daniel Shaffer received 2019 Aneesur Rahman Award.

Evan Moen

Moen receives 2019 Rahman Award

Evan Moen received the 2019 Aneesur Rahman Award.

Cody Schimming

Schimming receives 2019 Outstanding T.A. Award

Cody Schimming received a 2019 Outstanding T.A. Award

Sultan Tanzid

Sultan receives 2019 Outstanding T.A. Award

Tanzid Sultan receives a 2019 Outstanding T.A. Award. Tanzid is an international student, originally from Bangladesh. He plans to use the award money for plasma physics and numerical methods textbooks. His research mostly focuses on computational physics, specifically on numerical methods for solving hyperbolic and diffusion-convection type PDEs. He's hoping to apply these numerical methods for studying the turbulent acceleration of cosmic rays in astrophysical plasmas.

Caleb Medchill

Medchill receives 2019 Oswald Scholarship

Caleb Medchill received the 2019 Oswald Scholarship.

Hartmann receives 2019 Outstanding T.A. Award

Jack Hartmann received the 2019 2019 Outstanding T.A. Award.

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