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Student Award

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Jingnan Cai

Cai wins 2016 Franklin Scholarship

Jingnan Cai won the 2016 Edmond B. Franklin Scholarship in Physics.

Marcos Garcia Garcia

Garcia Garcia wins 2016 Outstanding TA Award

Marcos Garcia Garcia won a 2016 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

2015 Yijia Liu

Yijia Liu won the A. O. C. Nier Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics.

Wenbo Ge

2015 Wenbo Ge

Wenbo Ge won the 2015 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship.

Charles McEachern

2015 Charles McEachern

Charles McEachern won the 2015 Dr. Leonard F. Burlaga/Arctowski Medal Fellowship.

Abdul Malmi-Kakkada

2015 Abdul Malmi-Kakkada

Abdul Malmi-Kakkada won the 2015 Aneesur Rahman Award.

Adam Hupach

2015 Adam Hupach

Adam Hupach won the 2015 Outstanding T.A. Award.

Kali Ask

2015 Kalil Ask

Kali Ask won the 2015 Outstanding T. A. Award.

2015 Kyle Crocker

Kyle Crocker won the 2015 J. Morris Blair Scholarship. His research focuses on gravitational wave detection and his advisor is Professor Vuk Mandic. He plans to use the monetary part of my award to help pay for school. He is originally from Chippewa Falls, WI.

Adam Peterson

2015 Adam Peterson

Adam Peterson won the 2015 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship. Adam's advisor is Professor Shifman. HIs research has focused on the low energy dynamics of topological strings. Such strings occur in many different fields of physics. In particular, they've explored the dynamics of topological strings occurring in superfluid Helium 3, superconductivity, liquid crystals, Yang Mills theories, and supersymmetry.He plans to use the fellowship to further my research on topological strings. He is originally from Bloomington, MN.

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