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Robert Schwarz at the South Pole

UMN Physicist has spent more winters at the South Pole than anyone else

University of Minnesota astrophysicist Robert Schwarz holds the record for spending the most number of winters--14--at the South Pole. More »

CK Vulpeculae

Minnesota Astrophysicists Help Spot Rare Stellar Collision

Researchers, including astrophysicists from the University of Minnesota, have identified a white dwarf/brown dwarf collision in the star CK Vulpeculae. Professors Charles Woodward and Robert Gehrz are part of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) collaboration that discovered the object, long thought to be a nova, is actually a remnant of a rare type of solar collision. More »


The farthest star helps probe dark matter

Assistant Professor Patrick Kelly led a team of researchers that set a distance record and discovered the farthest individual star ever seen. The star, nicknamed Icarus, is 9 billion light-years away--halfway across the visible universe--and would ordinarily not be visible even to the most powerful telescopes. Gravitational lensing allowed the Hubble Space Telescope to pick out Icarus, whose official name is MACS 1149+2223 Lensed Star 1. The unique opportunity to study Icarus also allowed researchers to rule out one of the theories about the mystery of dark matter. More »

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