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Woods Halley

Alternative energy

J. Woods Halley has worked many years on problems associated with alternative energy. Halley applies his knowledge of the physics of electro-chemistry to energy-relevant problems. He has been working with chemists from 3M and Argonne National Laboratory on problems in hydrogen fuel cells proposed for use in cars that would refill at hydrogen stations. More »


EBEX in Flight

Launching a balloon-borne scientific experiment, or "balloon campaign" can be a long, intense operation where physicists work in isolated locations that can make a balloon experiment seem like a military campaign. Asad Aboobaker, a Research Associate at the University of Minnesota, working in Shaul Hanany’s Observation cosmology group, blogged the EBEX launch in Fort Sumner, NM. More »

Professor Robert Lysak

The Spell of the Northern Lights

The aurora borealis, or Northern Lights have long been a subject of fascination in folklore and for those of us lucky enough to see them in northern latitudes. Professor Bob Lysak is a theoretician who has been studying the unique physics of aurora since the 1970’s. The classic model of the Aurora is that electrons trapped in the Earth’s magnetosphere are accelerated by quasi-static electric fields that form parallel to the Earth’s magnetic field and cause the light display. More »

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