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Dan Cronin-Henessy

One Word: Plastics

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Daniel Cronin-Hennessy is leading up machine development for the NOvA module factory. NOvA, or NuMI Off-axis electron-Neutrino Appearance experiment is a proposed 18 kiloton neutrino detector that will search for the yet unobserved oscillation of muon- neutrino to electron-neutrino. It will be located above ground near International Falls, Minnesota and will be made almost entirely of plastic. More »

Jim Kakalios

The art of 1/f noise

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor James Kakalios has made a career out of finding order in messy systems. From work on amorphous silicon, to helping neuroscientists map the brain, if it's noisy, Kakalios is there. More »

Paul Crowell

As the electron spins

Spintronics is the art of controlling the spin of an electron for use in semiconductors and other materials. The research group of School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Paul Crowell is part of a Minnesota-based collaborative effort that recently solved a long-standing problem in this field. More »

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