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A Universal Relationship Between Magnetic Resonance and Superconducting Gap in Unconventional Superconductors

by G. Yu1, Y. Li1, E. M. Motoyama1 & M. Greven2,3 Nature Physics 18 October 2009 More »

Thickness Dependent Phase Behavior of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Films

by LiDong Pan, Shun Wang, C. S. Hsu, and C. C. Huang in PRL 103, 187802 (2009). Highlighted with a Synopsis on the Physics website by the editor. More »

Magnetic-Field-Induced Superconducting State in Zn Nanowires Driven in the Normal State by an Electric Current

by Yu Chen, S. D. Snyder, and A. M. Goldman in Physical Review Letters 103, 127002 (2009). More »

Emergence of Triplet Correlations in Superconductor/Half Metallic Nanojunctions with Spin Active Interfaces

by K. Halterman and O.T. Valls in Phys. Rev. B 80, 104502 (2009). More »

The Phase Diagram of Vortex Matter in Layered Superconductors with Tilted Columnar Pinning Centers

by C. Dasgupta and O.T. Valls in Phys. Rev B 80, 094517 (2009). More »

Tunneling Conductance in Superconductor/Ferromagnet Junctions: A Self Consistent Approach

by Paul H. Barsic and Oriol T. Valls in Phys. Rev. B79, 014502 (2009) More »

Hydrodynamics of Superfluids Confined in Blocked Rings and Wedges

by Chandan Dasgupta and Oriol T. Valls in Phys. Rev. E79, 016303 (2009). More »

Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection via Alfven Eigenmodes

by Lei Dai in Physical Review Letters, vol. 102, Issue 24, 2009 More »

Search for Axions with the CDMS Experiment

by Z. Ahmed,1 D. S. Akerib,2 S. Arrenberg,17 C. N. Bailey,2 D. Balakishiyeva,15 L. Baudis,17 D. A. Bauer,3 J. Beaty,16 P. L. Brink,9 T. Bruch,17 R. Bunker,13 B. Cabrera,9 D. O. Caldwell,13 J. Cooley,9 P. Cushman,16 F. DeJongh,3 M. R. Dragowsky,2 L. Duong,16 E. Figueroa-Feliciano,5 J. Filippini,12,1 M. Fritts,16 S. R. Golwala,1 D. R. Grant,2 J. Hall,3 R. Hennings-Yeomans,2 S. Hertel,5 D. Holmgren,3 L. Hsu,3 M. E. Huber,14 O. Kamaev,16 M. Kiveni,10 M. Kos,10 S. W. Leman,5 R. Mahapatra,11 V. Mandic,16 D. Moore More »

The Local Enhancement of Radiation Dose from Photons of MeV Energies

by Ahmad Alkhatib, Yoichi Watanabe and John H. Broadhurst in Med. Phys. 36 (8) August 2009. More »

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