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Surface and Bulk Uniaxial to Biaxial Smectic- A Transition in a Bent Core Liquid Crystal

by L. Pan, B. K. McCoy, S. Wang, W. Wissflog, and C. C. Huang, More »

Maxwell-Chern-Simons hydrodynamics for the chiral magnetic effect

by Sener Ozonder, Phys. Rev. C 81, 062201(R) (2010). More »

Observations of Large Amplitude, Narrowband Whistlers at Stream Interaction Regions

Breneman, A., C. Cattell, S. Schreiner, K. Kersten, L.B. Wilson III, P. Kellogg, K. Goetz, and L. K. Jian (2010), J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1029/2009JA014920, in press. More »

Transverse-momentum and pseudorapidity distributions of charged hadrons in pp collisions at √s = 0.9 and 2.36TeV" CMS Collaboration

(including Yuichi Kubota, Jeremy Mans and Roger Rusack) in the Journal of High Energy Physics, Volume 2010, Number 2 / February, 2010. More »

Dark Matter Search Results from the CDMSII Experiment

by the The CDMS II Collaboration, in Sciencexpress, 11 February 2010, Science Express provides electronic publication of selected Science papers in advance of print. More »

The Orbiting Astrophysical Observatory In Space (OASIS)

by James H. Adams Jr., Rob Adams, Louis Barbier, Abdulnasser F. Barghouty, W. Robert Binns, Mark Christl, Charles B. Cosse, Stephen E. Elrod, Georgia A. de Nolfo, T. Gregory Guzik, Thomas Hams, Joachim Isbert, Martin H. Israel, John F. Krizmanic, Allan W. Labrador, Jason T. Link, Richard A. Mewaldt, John W. Mitchell, Alexander A. Moiseev, Makoto Sasaki, Steven J. Stochaj, Edward C. Stone, Robert E. Streitmatter, C. Jake Waddington, John W. Watts, John P. Wefel, and Mark E. Wiedenbeck More »

Heterospecies partition analysis reveals binding curve and stoichiometry of protein interactions in living cells

by Bin Wu, Yan Chen, and Joachim D. Müller. PNAS published online before print February 8, 2010, doi:10.1073/pnas.0915161107. More »

Insights into the galactic cosmic-ray source from the TIGER experiment

by J.T. Link, L.M Barbier, W.R. Binns, E.R. Christian, J.R. Cummings,
S. Geier, M.H. Israel, K. Lodders, R.A. Mewaldt, J.W. Mitchell, G.A. de Nolfo, B.F. Rauch, S.M. Schindler, L.M. Scott, R.E. Streitmatter, E.C. Stone, C.J. Waddington, and M.E. Wiedenbeck More »

Identifying Galactic Cosmic Ray Origins with Super-TIGER

by G.A. deNolfo, W.R. Binns, M.H. Israel, E.R. Christian, J.W.Mitchell, T. Hams, J.T. Link, M. Sasaki, A.W. Labrador, R.A. Mewaldt, E.C. Stone C.J. Waddington, M.E. Wiedenbeck More »

Discovery of a novel smectic-C* liquid crystal phase with six-layer periodicity

Discovery of a novel smectic-C* liquid crystal phase with six-layer periodicity.” by Shun Wang, LiDong Pan, R. Pindak, Z.Q. Liu, H. T. Nguyen, and C. C. Huang, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 027801 (2010). More »

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