University of Minnesota
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Physics Force

Dan Dahlberg in his "rocket car"

The Physics Force is a troupe of physics teachers who perform large scale entertaining physics demonstrations.

Many physics classes teach about the mechanics of rocketry. Physics Forces shows students about the topic by putting Professor Dan Dahlberg in a "rocket car" made from a recumbent bicycle and a fire extinguisher. Follow the link to hear the reaction of the crowd as Dahlberg rockets across the stage.

The Physics Force goes above and beyond (literally) to educate and entertain. It is the interaction between the Force members -- a blend of slapstick, prop comedy and science-- that makes the show fun. The grand scale and visual excitement of a Physics Force show brings excitement and wonder to the thousands of K-12 students who see this University of Minnesota program every year.

You have to see and hear the Physics Force to believe it!

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