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Patrick McLoughlin (B.S. Physics)


My B.S. is in physics with an engineering emphasis. My advisor was Professor Jim Kakalios. After graduation I joined the U.S. Navy as Instructor, Nuclear Power Training Command.

Now I am an auxiliary operator at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant. I’ve been married for just over a year to Kristin. We share a home with Jowels, a French Bulldog turning three soon. Four years teaching Heat Transfer/Fluids and basic Reactor Theory to sailors turned into an entry-level operations job with Duke Energy two years ago. My classmates included some brilliant people who've gone on to achieve hugely impressive things. I remember feeling like the dumbest person in the room, but having more fun learning than any other time in life. An all-nighter in Walter Library before the 4002 (E+M) final with classmate and future Navy colleague Cory Szczepanok ('08) paid off well on the test. Introductory Quantum Physics from Professor Marco Peloso and Quantum Mechanics from Professor Yuichi Kubota. I have since read Professor Jim Kakalios's "Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics" - these topics are as fascinating now to a layman as then to a student.