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Rebecca (Becca) Emmons (M.S. 1987, Advisor: R. S. Jones)


Advisor was Professor Roger S. Jones.

Then 2-year colleges in MN, including then-named Lakewood Community College, Itasca CC, and Inver Hills CC; also 2 years at UMN Physics Demo team. Now Homemaker and Volunteer. Home, church, and locals museum is where I work. Married to a scientist (PhD in Optics), no children; enjoy 3-generations of extended family; photos, scrapbooking; reading and discussion group; music and singing with small group, church choir (had 13 years of voice lessons); swimming and walking; and volunteer work. After teaching, my physics degree was also helpful when I obtained my Masters in Library and Information Sciences (1996) and worked for eight years with an engineering firm as a librarian and records manager. I'm using MLIS skills at the North Star Museum of Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting to organize their institutional records and to customize a new museum database. On Halloween 1985, Professor Kapusta arrived in a thermal and statistical physics class in a white laboratory coat and a full head mask of Albert Einstein and began his lecture. His mind must have been wandering as he soon had to erase an inappropriate equation, such as E=mc2, and begin again. He proceeded to give the entire lecture in the mask with several other absent-minded moments before leaving at the end of class as he had arrived. While I was on staff in the demonstration area I also enjoyed supporting the Physics Force and working on the first Demonstration Handbook on computer, especially creating the first set of graphical illustrations. I'm glad I had a chance to know and work with Phil Johnson. Favorite Professor: That would be Bob Lysak with his plaid shirt, hiking boots, and once-a-year haircut. I was fortunate to have him 5 out of 6 of my terms. An excellent teacher from whom I learned a lot.