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James DePuydt (B.S. 1981, Ph.D. 1986, Advisor: D. Dahlberg)


My B.S. advisor was Zimmermann and my Ph.D. advisor was Dan Dahlberg. After graduation I was a postdoc at 3M Corporate Laboratory.

I am now an executive director at Oakdale, MN (Imation Corp.). I am married with six daughters. My hobbies include biking, fishing, camping and fitness. I have lived in the East metro area since finishing college. I started as a postdoctoral temp in 3M Corporate laboratory, and was hired as full-time scientist one year later. I am the co-inventor of blue-green laser diode. I won international awards for work on 3M in 1996 and advanced up the organization to Executive Director. I am currently a consultant to Imation and other companies. I enjoyed the comradery in graduate school. I established great friendships with Scott Fricke, Jim Davidson, and Brad Orr and Anne Mason. I remember trips like our trip to the tower/Soudan mine and canoeing down the St. Croix were examples of the outings we had. One of my more memorable courses was Freshman Physics with Professor Marvin Marshak. He always seemed to have trouble with the demonstrations. One notable example was when he demonstrated conservation of angular momentum. He used a bike wheel and sat on a rotating chair. The chair started spinning and he became dizzy and fell from the chair.