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Henley S. Quadling (Ph.D., Physics, 1998)


I joined the physics graduate program in 1991.

I had left South Africa as a draft dodger (and proud of it), and was officially AWOL until the apartheid regime ended. In my first year of grad school, the Twins won the World Series and Minneapolis hosted the Superbowl! My years in physics at the University of Minnesota were wonderful. I worked with Tom Walsh, who is the most laid back adviser in the observable universe. In the ‘90s, massively parallel supercomputers were all the rage, and solving difficult
computational problems was my main interest. Lattice QCD provided
a suitable challenge, but after graduating I decided to apply my skills in other fields. After four years of consulting/contracting, I co-founded D4D Technologies ( in Dallas, Texas, along with my twin brother. We are introducing our first product to the marketplace. It has taken us four years from concept to fi nal product. Our fi rst goal was to enable to create a dental crown (or inlay, veneer, etc.,) in a single visit, using a StarTrek-like intra-oral laser 3D scanner, sophisticated design software and precision ceramic machining. Lasers, MEMS devices, optics, custom video cameras, sophisticated algorithms, 3D visualization/animation, automation, motion control and advanced ceramic machining, are examples of entire fields we had to master so that the final restoration fits within a 50 micron tolerance. We are
always on the lookout for more physicists who would like to defect from the Ivory Tower, especially as we become much more ambitious in our technology and look to branch out into other medical applications. This a shameless plug and invitation to email me at The education and problem solving experience I gained in the University of Minnesota physics graduate program is the best!