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Mervine Rosen (Ph.D., Physics, 1960)


I am married and have two children and six grandchildren.

I spent a very enjoyable post-doc year at Nihom University in Tokyo, where I also picked up a great interest in Japanese. Culture and religion have stayed with me for many years. Upon returning I went to the Naval Research Lab in Washington D.C. I live in Virginia. I have been active in my local community and temples. They had an electron linac at NRL. I worked for a number of years on the scattering from molelectro excitation of nuclei. When the navy stopped supporting nuclear physics, I branched out into a number of fields: the use of particle and laser beams on metal surfaces to change their properties, film growth on surfaces using particle beams using
molecular dynamics coder, radiation transport in nuclear reactors and
its effect on reactor walls, etc. In the early days of SOI, we looked at the effectiveness of various weapons beams against not yet designed Soviet ICBMs. In the early 90’s I got involved in the determination of the optical properties of semiconductor quantum dots. I retired in 2001.