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Richard A. Hendrickson (Ph.D., Physics, 1972, B.S., Physics, 1964; )


My wife, Pauline, and I are both retired.

We travel and play with our grandchildren. I do volunteer tutoring for high ability fi fth and sixth graders at a local school. I switched from physics to computers and Fortran after graduate school. I worked for Cray Research for twelve years. I lived and worked in Belgium for three years (great beer!) I did consulting and software testing for twenty years. My most vivid, not exactly a favorite, memory is the day Kennedy was shot. My favorite memory was working in 42SB on Physics stuff as an undergraduate. It was my fi rst exposure to real science. My favorite course was Russ Hobbie’s Modern Physics class. The fi rst time I saw hard math applied to something that you could not understand any other way. The two most interesting lecturers were probably Ed Ney and Bill Zimmerman. They had tremendous zeal. The most interesting graduate class was one by Paul Kellogg on General Relativity. It convinced me that I was not cut out to be a theoretical physicist. What little of the math I understood was beautiful, but it was too little.