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Jeffrey R. Basford (Ph.D, Physics, 1975; M.S., Physics, 1969, B.S., Physics, 1965)


After receiving my Ph.D. I went into the Peace Corps and the Vietnam-era army.

After getting out of the army, the work prospects were limited. An overseas post-doctorate seemed less than alluring. I spent a year or so as a Washington, D.C. research and development consultant. I rapidly found that I was working too hard for the benefit of someone else and decided to attend medical school more or less on a whim. I have been in the field ever since. I have worked at the Mayo Clinic since the early 1980s. I have done some research in central neurological rehabilitation and the effects of physical agents such as electromagnetic energy on the body. I am married and have three children. My youngest child is seven months old. My non-medical business is farming. Life is busy, but I still miss the lab and the chance to think.