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Walker, Jr., James F. (Ph.D., Physics, 1964; M.S., Physics, 1961; B.S., Physics, 1959)


I married my wife Elaine in 1959.

We have three children and six grandchildren including 12-year old triplets. I am active in two musical organizations, the Valley Light Opera and the Heritage Pops Orchestra. I had a postdoc at New York University 1964-1966 and another postdoctoral position at MIT from 1966-1968. I joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst as a faculty member from 1968-2003. I was appointed Dean of the Graduate school at University of Massachusetts from 2001-2003. I have been retired since 2003. I am currently a part-time post-retirement associate dean. My favorite memories from my undergrad years were associated with the marching band. I had to make many arrangements with the various university offices because I was band manager. I even had to chalk the field house we used for practices. While in grad school, I was married and raising children. I have a number of favorite memories of my professors. Mark Bolsterli taught quantum mechanics. He always lectured with a cigarette in one hand and chalk in the other, and he never got them mixed up! Ed Hill, who taught math physics, was very organized but a little above most of us. Steve Gasiorowitz took field theory while he was writing his book.