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Professor Vuk Mandic is an observational cosmologist involved in the search for gravitational waves with LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory.) Gravitational Waves were predicted by Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, but have yet to be observed in the natural world.


Mandic Group Plays Role in Double Discovery

Vuk Mandic

Scientists at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) confirmed that they have observed gravitational waves for the first time. These ripples in the fabric of spacetime caused by a cataclysmic event in the distant universe, were predicted by Einstein a hundred years ago, but never before observed. Physicists have concluded that the observed waves were produced during the final fraction of a second of the merger of two black holes to produce a single, more massive spinning black hole. This collision of two black holes had been predicted but never observed. More »

Pribiag Receives NSF CAREER Award

Vlad Pribiag

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Vlad Pribiag has received an National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Development (CAREER) Award. The award which amounts to more than $642,000 for a period of five years was given for his research in "Backscattering, Confinement and Superconductivity in a Two-Dimensional Topological Insulator." More »

Mantis Dies at age 98

Homer Mantis

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Emeritus, Homer Mantis passed away age 98. Mantis' area of expertise was in physical meteorology and atmospheric physics. More »

Greven named AAAS Fellow

Martin Greven

Professor Martin Greven has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). More »

Rusack elected APS Fellow


Professor Roger Rusack was elected an APS Fellow "for leadership in the development of advanced photodetector systems used in the Higgs boson discovery and realization and exploitation of the electromagnetic calorimeter of the CMS experiment." More »


Friday, February 12th
11:15 am:
There will be no seminar this week.
12:20 pm:
Magnetic Field Reentrant Superconductivity in Aluminum Nanowires —
Terry Bretz-Sullivan, University of Minnesota
12:30 pm:
Probing the Primordial Universe using Massive Fields —
Mohammad Hossein (Harvard)
2:30 pm:
Update on Gravitational Wave Searches —
Vuk Mandic, University of Minnesota
Note: this is a special MIFA Colloquium given Thursday's announcement of the observation of gravitational waves by the LIGO Collaboration.
3:35 pm:
Visual Evidence and Styles of Scientific Reasoning —
Otávio Bueno, Department of Philosophy, University of Miami
Refreshments served at 3:15 p.m.
3:35 pm:
Role of students’ participation in learning physics in an active learning environment —
Binod Nainabasti, Florida International University, Leon
4:40 pm:
Silicon Photonics: photon playground for novel optical physics and materials —
Mo Li, University of Minnesota
Monday, February 15th
12:15 pm:
Constraints on σ8 from joint analysis of lensing and stacking galaxy clusters —
Kevin Sebesta, UMN
1:15 pm:
Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Study of Emergent Phenomena in Correlated Materials —
Ruihua He, Boston College
Tuesday, February 16th
12:00 pm:
Global coherence of hiss and electron precipitation —
Aaron Breneman, University of Minnesota
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